Bloodlines within martial arts is very important. I believe, as my sensei told me and indeed other masters i have had the pleasure to work with, that, the family tree or bloodlines is often a credit to a dojo's reputation and esteem. That is why i choose to hold onto the lineage that my dojo's have inherited.

For those who are aware of the history of martial arts in England will know of two great founders of their time, Professors Clarke and Morris. Back in the late 50's these two men really brought home to England from Japan the very foundations of jujitsu which many enjoy today the world over. The Lowlands in England was the place to be if you was serious as a student. It was tough, demanding and you gained a level with blood, sweat and tears. It was these men that helped shape the british standard of jujitsu, both nationally and internationally within amature and professional organisations.

One of their students was a man called Dave Hand or as he is known today, Hanshi Dave Hand. Out of many of his and his Brother Chris's great achievements and studies came to the front, Kempo, which he studied in Okinawa. That same kempo he harnessed together with Ju-jitsu and created a very disciplined hard formed Kempo Jujitsu, again the very foundations that we teach today. His extensive military background and many years learning from great masters of their time, put kempo Jujitsu at the top of the food chain within England. Police, military and special organisations trained his system and gave a new meaning to close quarter combat and defence.

Then came forward from those prestigious ranks another man called Gene Mealey, today known as Soke Gene Mealey of Kempo Jujitsu Kansen Ryu England. Working alongside his brother Shihan Gary Mealey, developed the art even further bringing to it their vast experience and knowledge within Kempo, Jujitsu, Karate and judo. Shaping and polishing the art into what we teach and learn today. Soke Gene Mealey has qualifications as a coach to the British National team both national and international and holds all grades and qualifications through national and international professional bodies only. He has also trained various european countries own security forces. His brother Gary won gold medal and gained the title world champion within sport jujitsu back in the late 80's. A true reflection of their skill and dedication.

Their main dojo's can be found in Leek nr staffs and Ashbourne respectively.

From Soke Gene Mealey came forward myself. I studied under him at our Derby dojo in England from 1992 until 2001, when i left old England for the shores of Sweden. I already held experience from within Lao Ga Kung Fu and Karate, but from 1992 onwards, Kempo has been my life dedication. I have had the priviledge to train and spa with the British National Team during the early 90's in Bartley. I have had the honour and pleasure to train and learn alongside many great masters over the last 10 years including Grandmaster Gunter Bauer, Professor Morris, Hanshi Dave Hand, and Shihan Leslie Ottoey to name a few. And have given education to government agencies including police. All my grades are time served with professional validation, and my qualifications checked and registered by the Swedish governing body of Jujutsu, S.B.K.F and the Swedish National Sport governing body S.I.F

We cannot ever lay down our heads on our ancestors achievments, we must strive to maintain the high standard they set for us, so that others will know where we have come from.

I have added an extra page with a brief discription of Hanshi Dave Hands life work.


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